Rotary Tiller


Whether you are laying turf around a golf course or growing small crops, the rotary hoe is perfect for preparing your top soil for planting – creates a smooth finish and is perfect for crop and lawn preparation – improving productivity, as well as presentation.


Adjustable rear flap for safety as well as providing a smooth finish – 6 extra strong blades per flange for a more thorough tilling of top soil – height adjustable skids for depth control – extra strong design for long life and reliability.

MODEL AGM 115 TF AGM 125 TF AGM 135 TF AGM 150 TF AGM 180 TF
Working width (cm) 115 cm 125 cm 135 cm 150 cm 180 cm
Structure Weight (kg) 115 kg 136 kg 144 kg 305 kg 350 kg
PTO Turning Speed 540 r/min
No. Of Blade 24 28 28 32 48
Tractor HP 15-20 hp 18-25 hp 18-25 hp 30-50 hp 50-60 hp

Rotary tiller for use in a variety of agricultural areas. In each Rotary tiller PTO is included.

MODEL: 115, 125 and 135

MODEL: 150 and 180