Company Panex AGM
was founded in
1992 in Croatia

From the beginning, basic activity of the company was sale of tractors, agricultural machinery and spare parts. Company Panex AGM was founded from a valiant effort and innovative idea.

Few years ago we started with production. We adopted a new method of production in Europe with competitive prices and excellent quality.

Production method is: focusing on the production of only a few products so that we can get the highest possible quality at an affordable price.

Thanks to the technical contribution of our professionals and the long-lasting experience in the field of agricultural machinery, in a few years we have won the confidence of a lot of customers, offering products with excellent value for money.

Our growth and profitability depend on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.


Years of experience

To develop these we:

  • Understand our customers needs,
  • Provide high quality and innovative products that provide the best value,
  • Provide accessible and reliable support services.

We would like to thank all our trade partners for cooperation and common success. We invite new trade and parts business partners from all over the world.